Meanness, Manners, and Mohawks

This week, BE declared us “mean” parents. In fact, her words were “you’re so mean.” And why are we so mean? It’s all because of potato chips.  BE didn’t get as many potato chops as she would have liked during dinner on Wednesday. And, naturally, a lack of potato chips results in uncontrollable tantrums. When the whining started, BE was sent to her room and this is when she decided we were mean. Grandma G told me that this probably means that we’re doing something right, but still, it’s sad to hear.

Meanwhile, BC continues to confirm his ability to hit. When he gets crabby, he understandably has tantrums. But, he also hits. Being a two-year-old, it doesn’t hurt, but I don’t understand where it comes from. There were a couple of hitting incidents this week, including one today.

On the other hand, both BE and BC can be very polite, especially BC. Sometimes the best part of the day is when I hear one of them say, “Thank you, momma” – totally unprompted.

We were at the grocery store yesterday and the cashier had a mohawk. BE asked me about it, so I started a conversation with the cashier. BE was fascinated and asked if she could have a mohawk. Of course, I told her that she could make that decision when she’s older. But … in the meantime, I gave her a “fake” mohawk.

BE’s Mohawk

I’d like to say thanks to Aunt S for being with the kids these past few years and for continuing to visit every month. They had a visit this week and S brought cousins D and M. She’s very patient and obviously the “cool” aunt in her family.


2 thoughts on “Meanness, Manners, and Mohawks

  1. Love the mohawk idea. Bril. Try giving Brandan an object that is okay to hit…like his pillow, a toy, etc and let him whack away at it when the mood strikes him. This may relieve some of his physical tension as well as giving him a reference point to understand the difference between acceptable/unacceptable hitting. After all, hitting per se is neither good or bad..It only needs to be appropriate.

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