New Mom, Old Kids

During our first year together, I suppose I qualified as a new mom, and I felt many of the emotions that I assume new moms experience. The difference of course, is that my kids are not babies. I’ve met many great adoptive parents over the past few years, but very few of them have adopted through foster care as we have.  The majority have adopted infants internationally or domestically. For them, this was the right choice, just as our choice was right for us. Nevertheless, I feel a certain amount of isolation. Sometimes I wish I could commiserate with other new moms, especially because the majority of my friends are starting their families too. Admittedly I’m somewhat of an outsider by my own choice, but I do want to connect with other new moms. Even though I may never experience this connection, I have no regrets about the way our family came together.


2 thoughts on “New Mom, Old Kids

  1. Perhaps, I haven’t had a chance to mention this to you… but after you adopted, it became quite clear, to me, that parents and children usually grow up together. There is so much to learn. You learn about yourselves, about others, about life, and about the world when you raise children. To start this process without the initial “growing” process (which starts with conception) must be difficult, in many ways. To be expected to be “on-board” with a 2 or 3 year old, without learning how they got there, is a great feat! I wish you, all, the best. Love, Aunt Diane

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