What would you name me?

A few weeks ago, BE and I were on the way to school, when she asked me, “If I had been in your tummy, what would you have named me?” I know there are many girls, teenagers, and even women who think about what they would name their baby when they have one. These are the types that also pick out their dream wedding dress long before they become engaged or, in some cases, are even allowed to date. I was never that way. I never picked out baby names when I was 12 years old.

So, I really had nothing to give BE. Thankfully, though, I had an answer that saved me. I really believe that everyone is well-suited to his or her own name. BE’s name fits her so well; I can’t imagine calling her anything else. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, BE has kind of an unusual name. I’m sure it never would have occurred to me to give a child BE’s name. Despite this, I don’t believe I was actually lying to her when I said that I would have given her the name that she has. Of course, this made her very happy.  I place such a high importance on telling the truth, especially to my kids. But in this circumstance, I truly believe there was some truth in my answer, as improbable as it may seem.


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