Adoption in six words

Smith Magazine has this series called “Six-Word Memoirs.” The series invites readers to submit their thoughts on a variety of topics – but submissions are limited to six words. When I was reading through some of the entries I started thinking about what I would say about adoption. Here are a few tries:

new family forms; tragedy lingers still

missed first four years; here now

fear becomes joy; I have hope

their story, our story; collide gracefully

What’s your adoption story in six words? If you haven’t experienced adoption, what’s your family’s story in six words?


3 thoughts on “Adoption in six words

  1. Constant feeling of rejection/abandonment. These are not my words. They are my perception of what someone very dear to me feels in relation to his adoption. I admire you very much for how you and your family have taken on your adoption. It’s heartwarming.

    1. I’m so sorry that your friend feels that way. Thank you for reading and for your encouraging comment!

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