Princess BE’s birthday

This week, we celebrated BE’s 6th birthday. This was her 2nd birthday with us.

I thought back a little bit about all that’s happened during the year and a half that we’ve known her. More often than I’d like to admit, I get impatient and frustrated with my kids. And I don’t always take time to enjoy them.

I thought about how BE has started to outgrow pairs of pants that used to be too big for her, and I noticed that she no longer needs a stool to reach the bathroom sink. Parents of older children always tell me how fast the time goes, and that before I know it, BE will be going to college.

Most of the time, I can’t imagine BE being that old, and the time seems to go by so slow. But this week, I realized how fast this year and half and has really gone. It reminded me how precious BE is to us and how proud of her we are. I’ll have to make sure to tell her tomorrow.

BE's birthday tiara

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