BC’s birthday

This past week we celebrated BC’s third birthday. Just like BE’s birthday, this was BC’s second birthday with us. Both kids have changed a lot in the past year and half, but sometimes it seems that BC’s changes are more obvious. Along the way, he stopped being a baby and became a little boy. He lost his “baby fat,” he started talking, his walk became more steady, and we’re working on potty training. Of course, these are just a few of the changes. Maybe this is true for all kids his age, but it seems like his changes come on so fast. I remember one day looking at him, and thinking that it seemed he had made that transition from baby to boy almost overnight. And for awhile he was hardly talking at all. Then, one day he just started talking, and he’s hardly stopped since! It’s so interesting to watch him grow up and to develop his own personality.

BC's birthday ribbon

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