BE and BC’s foster family

We’re fortunate enough to still be in touch with BE and BC’s foster family. The kids were only four months (BC) and 3  (BE) when they went to live with this family. The parents, AL and CL, have been foster parenting for nearly 20 years and we’re so glad they were the ones to take care of our kids.

We hadn’t seen AL and CL and their oldest daughter, SL, since the summer. They did come to BC’s birthday party a few weeks ago and the kids were so excited. Actually, I think I was as excited as they were. CL once told me that most of the families that have adopted their foster kids cut off contact with them as soon as the adoption is final. I can’t imagine doing that.

I know there are probably some foster families that are less than exemplary, but AL and CL are great. I just wanted to take a moment to recognize them!


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