Susan and Gordon adopt a baby

Book Review: Susan and Gordon Adopt a Baby

When I recently read “The Family of Adoption,” the author, Joyce Maguire Pavao, recommended a book called “Susan and Gordon Adopt a Baby.” She wrote that this book would help to introduce the concept of adoption to young children.

The book was published in 1986 and as you probably guessed, is based onthe  “Sesame Street” characters. I was able to find it used on eBay and we’ve had it for a few weeks now. I thought it would be helpful for talking about adoption with BC, but BE seemed to be more interested. In the book, Susan and Gordon adopt a baby boy named Miles. They help Big Bird to understand adoption and to realize that having Miles in their lives does not change their feelings for him.

This is probably the best line in the book: “Adoption is one of the ways a baby comes into a family … Susan and I want a child to love and take care of, so we’re adopting Miles …. Now he is our son … and we will be his parents forever.”

This seems to be a good pick for young children who are trying to understand adoption. Or, for a child who is gaining a sibling through adoption.


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