An eventful week

Actually, this week was not very eventful. The title of this post refers to one particular week in February 2005. J and I were married on a Saturday and three days later our daughter, BE, was born. Since BE is adopted, naturally I wasn’t there. But sometimes I wonder about BE’s first mom (FM) and what she was doing during those three days. I wonder if she was safe, if she was excited, happy, sad, or nervous. Mostly, I just wonder if she was ok. Of course, J and I didn’t know that on our wedding night our future daughter was so close to being born. Sometimes I’m fascinated by the way people and events are connected. At the time, I’m sure that J, me, and FM could never have predicted the way that things turned out. But, I do hope that the three of us will someday be able to say that good came from the adoption. Not that adoption is good in itself, but that we made the most of the situation. And, hopefully the kids will see her again someday.

J and me at our wedding reception in 2005

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