For Mother’s Day, the kids brought home these forms that their teachers helped them fill out.

BC's form
BE's form

I was happy that for number 10, BE answered “I love you.” It was nice and true. However, BC answered the same question with “Do not throw toys.” Which is also true, just not as nice.

These answers made me start thinking about “mommyisms” – things that moms (or dads) are known to say. So far, I’ve been able to avoid the dreaded “Because I said so.” But I definitely have my own set of phrases. Here are some of them.

“Are you hurt? Is he hurting you? No? Then I don’t need to know.” (When BE tells on BC)

“Big girl (or boy) voice please.” (When BE or BC is whining)

“Shhh! Too loud!”

“Sit on your bottom, please!” (I probably say this at least 10 times during a meal)

“Eat it all gone.”

My kids have many of their own phrases, but one of my favorites is one that BE learned in preschool, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” (I wish she followed her own advice on this one).

What are some of your mommyisms (or daddyisms)? If you don’t have kids, what did your parents say to you when you were young? Thanks for sharing!


6 thoughts on “Mommyisms

  1. Here are some in the Parr household-
    “Chew AND swallow, first!”
    “You do NOT tell Mommy/Daddy no!”
    “Messy, messy, mess!”
    “Crayons are only for paper/Jumping is only for the floor”
    “Kitties only eat kitty food, not people food!”

  2. I think about you(and Amy)so often….and wonder what life is like for you as a relatively new mom.

    I did not have a very good mom (Jane was most likely bipolar), but was fortunate to have a gentle, stable, and loving father. I raised our kids by the seat of my pants.

    (fyi…My whole sister never had kids. My half-sister was an abusive parent. Her daughter, Amanda(adopted at 6 months), ended up in to drugs and nude dancing for most of her twenties.)

    It was not very comforting feeling like I never knew what I was doing as a parent and was never very confident in the role.

    What consoled me along the way was that -overall- I did the best I could at it. I really did give parenting a wholehearted effort. What else can one ask of oneself? After that the cards fall as they may.

    Interesting though….my mom was a much better parent than her mom, and I did better than she did. An enormous advantage for me was the generation I grew up in (i.e Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, an opportunity for an advanced education, and less stigma for getting therapy and medical treatment for depression.

    I would have LOVED having you as a mom.

    1. Thank you for sharing that – I don’t think that I knew any of that about you. Despite all those obstacles, I think you did an amazing job with your kids – I always hope mine turn out half as well as yours! I appreciate the encouragement and advice. PS – I love Betty Friedan too!

  3. Da-yam! I wonder what your BMI is! So you love making dinner, huh?

    My kids would say, “Bummer!” We use that all the time when they’ve earned themselves some consequences.

    Very cute, what your kids say about you.

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