Happy Father’s Day to J

This is J’s second Father’s Day and I’ve been thinking about how difficult it would be to do this without him. By “this,” I mean everything the adoption entails. I know that many single parents raise children and many adopt children. But, I’ve been blessed with J’s support, and it’s impossible for me to imagine parenting without him. The kids have been slower to bond with him and despite his disappointment and frustration, he has continued to show them love and patience. We both believe that love is not just a feeling, but also consists of actions. And he has faithfully acted in love even when he didn’t feel loved. Becoming parents has been challenging for both of us, and J’s strength has helped me through many frustrating times.  Thank you, J – BE, BC, and I love you.

J and BC

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to J

  1. That was a very touching message. J certainly deserves it. He is unusually patient. I hope he had a happy father’s day.

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