In their parents’ image … or not

J and I teach Sunday school for first and second graders at our church. BE is in the kindergarten room, but they use the same lesson as our group. A few weeks ago, we were teaching the kids about people being made in the image of God. The lesson included this discussion question:

Naturally, I didn’t hesitate to complain to our children’s ministry director. Especially because we have so many interracial adoptions in our church. This was right before Sunday school started and the director went and changed the lessons. She was so understanding about it and even thanked me for “opening her eyes.” Plus, I have to give her credit for always dealing with me so graciously – I know it can’t always be easy.


4 thoughts on “In their parents’ image … or not

  1. It is great that your children’s ministry director ‘got it’. I have had a few school assignments that my boys, (adopted from Ethiopia as ‘older’ kids) literally couldn’t do. One was bring in a baby picture and another was to create a timeline beginning at birth, including photos. I have had mixed reponses from teachers when I questioned the assignments. Assignments were modified, but I felt like one teacher in particular felt I was making a big deal out of nothing. grrr. So we’ll keep advocating for our kids and more and more people will ‘get it’!


    1. Alison – I’m just dreading those school assignments. I know this won’t be the only time I’ll face this.

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