In the news: an adoption story spanning 40 years

Since beginning this blog, I’ve started reading many other blogs about adoption. I read a few by adoptees and first mothers. These sites have introduced me to “the baby scoop era.” I recently came across a fascinating story about this on NPR’s “The Story.” In May, the host, Dick Gordon, interviewed a women named Lindaleigh who had lost her daughter during “the baby scoop era.” During the interview, Lindaleigh reveals how devastated she was at the loss of her daughter and how she never stopped looking for her. A friend of Lindaleigh’s daughter heard the interview and was able to reconnect the two. The women discussed their reunion on a July episode of “The Story.” Both interviews are very moving, and if you’re interested in this perspective of adoption, I encourage you to listen to them. The links are below.

First interview: Lindaleigh’s story begins about halfway through the show.

Second interview: Lindaleigh’s story is featured in the first half of the show.


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