Our secret

BE was at a birthday party earlier this week and one of the things that makes me nervous is other parents. The adoption still seems like the defining characteristic of our family, but I feel that it should still be taboo for the sake of my kids. If I were the only one affected, I wouldn’t mind sharing, but I also know that I don’t own the story. So, at the party I clammed up around the other moms, especially when two of them start talking about how much their children weighed at birth and whether they had a C-section or traditional birth. These are the conversations I dread the most. If I get involved, will they ask me how much BE weighed or what kind of birth I had? The answer to these questions demands an explanation; I can’t simply say “I don’t know.” Well, I suppose I could, but then I would probably be deemed some kind of deliquent mother. I’m quiet to begin with, so I just tend to stay away from the other parents. But this is all to my detriment, because I could really use some mom friends.


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