My anger’s back

Just ask Grandma G or J, I used to have a big anger problem. And I thought I had conquered it. Then, BE and BC came to live with us, and somehow, it showed up again. It makes me disappointed in myself, because I thought I was strong enough to control it. Yet, someone, two children actually took control. So, here’s a tribute to my anger (let’s hope it doesn’t stick around too long this time).

To the tune of “My Boyfriend’s Back” …

My angers’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble

(Hey-la-day-la my angers’s back)

You see it comin’ better cut out on the double

(Hey-la-day-la my anger’s back)

It’s been spreading lies that I was all cured

(Hey-la-day-la my anger’s back)

So look out now cause it’s comin’ after you …


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