The three Rs

When I became a wife, and even more so when I became a mother, I swore I would keep my own identity. We’ve all seen it before – women who get so caught up in their husbands’ and children’s lives that they sort of lose themselves. Naturally, that would be bad for me, but I also think it would be bad for my family. I believe that it’s best of all of us if I can keep being me. So I’ve priortized three things that help me to remember who I am.

Relationships: I’m not one to have a lot of friends, but I’ve made a point to stay close with the few good friends that I do have. I make time to see my friends, and I leave the kids and husband at home.

Running: I’m not a fast runner, but I enjoy it. I try to run three miles about four times per week.

Reading: I’m a big reader and I always have at least one book in my purse (plus my Kindle)! I’m also in a book group that meets monthly.

These activities help to keep me sane and remind me that I am someone apart from my kids. What hobbies keep you focused?

My running shoes and some of my favorite books

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