Taking ownership

In a previous post I wrote about how I “outed” BE to her friend. We were at an ice cream shop when we saw her friend from school and I let it slip that she was adopted.

Well, on Sunday, BE outed herself. I teach Sunday school at church and as usual BE was in my group. Towards the end of the lesson, most of the kids had already been picked up except for BE and another little girl. We were talking about what the girls were going to do that week, and BE mentioned her upcoming visit with aunt S. BE continued on about how aunt S wasn’t part of this family, or her foster family, but part of her other family. I think the other little girl was confused until BE just blurted out “I’m adopted.” The other girl looked at me as if she wanted me to clarify. So I just said, “that’s true, she is.”

BE didn’t seem embarrassed or ashamed about this, so I’m hoping it’s a sign that she’s comfortable with her status. That she’s taken ownership of her story.


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