At the hospital

Earlier this summer, BC lost the tip of his finger in the door. Then, just a few weeks ago, BE broke her wrist when she fell off the monkey bars. So, we’ve been to the hospital twice this summer. This last time, our friend, JY was with us. And, just like last time, the doctor asked me about medical conditions in the family and health issues at birth. I responded by saying that there were none – this was based on my limited knowledge of my kids as well as my history and J’s history. I hate these questions and I never know exactly how to respond. JY and I started debating this. We wanted to know if there was a danger in saying “no,” when in fact there could be something that I’m not aware of. JY thought it would be better to say “I don’t know,” even if it means I have to go into an explanation of our family. Later, while we were still at the hospital, I texted Aunt S to see if she knew of any issues, and she didn’t. If you’re an adoptive parent, how do you handle these questions?
BE's broken wrist
BC's finger

2 thoughts on “At the hospital

  1. I always say, “I don’t know.” Extra cautious doctors have requested additional tests in certain cases since they don’t have a family history to work off of but most doctors proceed as if there are not any. It does lead to having to explain everything & often questions that are not relevant to the situation at hand.

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