Half siblings

BE and BC and have two half siblings – F is an adult and we haven’t had any contact with her. Actually, I don’t think our kids have ever met her. T is about 13, and we’ve been in touch with T’s father (who is not BE and BC’s father). T doesn’t live too far from us, but unfortunately it’s been several years since the kids have been able to see each other. Despite this, BE knows that she has two siblings and sometimes asks about them.

She recently started getting homework in 1st grade, and her first assignment was to fill out a booklet all about her. One page asked her to list her siblings, and she immediately asked me how to spell F and T’s names. I’m glad that she considers them part of her family, and wants to include them. I have a feeling that this will be just the first of many assignments that will expose our family situation and may raise questions at school. It will be interesting to see how BE deals with it and how it will be handled at school.


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