He’s 31

Today is J’s birthday. Yesterday we went out to dinner (without the kids!) and we were talking about particularly memorable birthdays. One that he mentioned was his 19th birthday, and it made me think about birthdays that I remembered with him. We met in college, when we were 18, and started dating almost immediately. We’ve been together for a lot of birthdays (including his 19th), but despite the fact that we’ve known each other for 13 years now, there were some birthdays that we missed. Before we got married, there were several years that we didn’t speak. Even though we both wanted to, it seemed we would never get married and it was doubtful whether we would have a family together. It’s no secret that being married and having children puts strain on a relationship, but when I remember that we almost didn’t make it, I feel grateful. We have some difficult days, but I know from experience it would bleak without him. I’ve been so proud to be his wife for nearly 7 years. Everyone grows and changes over time, and even though I take J for granted many times, I grow in respect and admiration for him as time goes on.

The kids (BE especially) were so excited for his birthday. BE wanted to make him all his favorite foods, plus a cake. So, we made a big breakfast on Saturday and a cake from scratch! BE made him this card – on the inside it says: “We love you. We can’t believe you’re 31.”


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