Many colored days

A while back, we were visiting my aunt and uncle – BE and BC’s great aunt SK and great uncle CK. During the visit, great aunt SK wisely gave us a book from her kids’ collection: “My Many Colored Days” by Dr. Seuss. Although this really isn’t a book about adoption, it’s likely a book that many adopted children will enjoy. It’s definitely a departure from his other books. It describes how people can experience many different feelings and compares this feelings to colors. BE especially, seems to fluctuate widely in her emotions and has a hard time controlling herself. Both the kids go through phases with books. They’ll want to read the same one for weeks at time. Lately, BE has really favored “My Many Colored Days.” After we read the book, we talk about what color her day was and why. If your child (adopted or biological) struggles with emotions, I highly recommend this book.


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