BCLC for educators

We’ve become a little overwhelmed with everything and are taking a short hiatus from BCLC. I really like BCLC, so the relationship is definitely not over, it’s just become a little intense. During our last session, RB shared some tips on BCLC for educators. RB’s friend wrote it and she’s given me permission to share it here. The tips are meant for BCLC parents to share with their child’s teacher.  This is an “abridged” version – to read the full document, click here.

1. Keep the guardian/parent informed of any changes that will be taking place, such as substitute teachers, behavioral issues, and consequences.

2. Consider a calming place for children to go in the classroom where they can take a break and become more emotionally regulated.

3. When a child is dysregulated, it can help to say what you see in a supportive voice,

4. Develop with the child and parent, a list of acceptable things the child can do to manage their strong feelings.

5. It can sometimes be helpful to ask the child if, while they are feeling upset, the teacher or aid can put their hand lightly on their shoulder, back, or head.

6. If possible, try and find the time to develop a strong relationship with the child on an individual basis.

7. As much as possible, provide support and presence of adults during unstructured time such as lunch and recess.

8. Catch him or her working hard, cooperating, asking for help when upset, choosing to take a break, having fun, being helpful, sharing.

9. Give the child a chance to verbally express what is going on inside.

10. Children often need to take something to school that represents their caregiver.

11. A trusted adult can help the child draw out a story of what they may expect during an upcoming and unusual event.

12. The child could benefit from calling home to touch base with a supporting parent prior to an anticipated and difficult event/activity/time of day.


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