An altruist in the making

BE has had a few good days in a row, and these days are always a relief to me, because I feel as though I’m actually seeing her and not her fears. At times like these, I think that she will grow up to be a true altruist. On the weekend before Christmas we celebrated with J’s family, and BE insisted that she pick out two toys from her own collection to give to her cousins, PM and SM. This gesture may not be a big deal for some children, but for BE it was huge. She is usually not very good at sharing and often gets upset when other people have something that she doesn’t.

Then the next day, she asked me if we could spend time picking up trash outside. Sometimes she takes notice of how often people litter and on this day, she wanted to do something about it. So, we put on our gloves, took some trash bags and went for a walk. Here’s just one of the bags that we came back with.

I was really proud of BE that weekend and I made sure I told her so plenty of times. She just lives for praise.

We have had a few rough days again this week, but I know that with the excitement of the holidays, she can easily become dysregulated. And, of course, the holidays, with their focus on family, can be a trigger. Her tantrums make me frustrated, but at least I have hope that we’ll start to see her inner altruist more often. After all, I belive the altruism and not the tantrums is the real BE.


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