Mysterious toys

For the last couple of years, J and I have gone through the kids’ toys after Christmas and separated some for donation. This time, J accidentally put something valuable in the donation bag, and thankfully, I rescued it in time. It was a doll that BE brought with her from her foster family’s home. I have no idea who gave it to her and neither does Aunt S. BE isn’t big on dolls, but I really wanted to save it because it is one of the few toys that she still has from before she knew us. I actually think this doll is very strange. Just take a look at it:

Why does she have animal heads on her body? And why is there a window on her chest? If you press the animal heads, the doll says something in Spanish. Since I don’t speak Spanish, I have no idea what it means. If you’ve seen a doll like this before, please let me know (and explain it to me)!

This next toy didn’t get put in the donation bag, but since it’s really a baby toy, and I didn’t want to risk losing it, I took it out of BC’s room and put it in a box with the doll. There’s nothing strange about this toy, but like BE’s doll, it’s one of the few toys that BC still has from before he knew us. It’s a horse with a pull string that play lullabies. Now, both toys are safely packed away as mementos that the kids might appreciate when they’re older.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious toys

  1. I love that you’re keeping the toys for the kids.

    Our kids arrived with a garbage bag of stuff each. Mostly clothes. Notably, they were each made a baby quilt by their grandmother and both still use the quilts on their bed each night. Our daughter had a nightgown that she’d had since she was a toddler and still wearing at 11 years old. It was a shirt when we retired it when she was 12. And our son had this home depot apron that he couldn’t bear to part with. We’ve kept all of these items in a box for when they’re older.

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