A reading milestone

BE tends to gravitate to television shows, books, games, etc, that are designed for younger children. In some cases I don’t mind, and in other cases I do. I’m torn between not wanting her to grow up too fast, but to also keep up with her peers.

In the past, I’ve tried to read her books without pictures, but she just wasn’t having it. Books needed to have pictures on every page to hold her attention. But, a few days ago, she brought home her first “chapter book” from the school library – Junie B. Jones. It has about eight very short chapters, and just a few pictures. And amazingly, it held her attention. It might not seem big, but it struck me as an important milestone.


6 thoughts on “A reading milestone

  1. I remember many childrens books with incredible illustrations, but a library only has so many. It is nice to expand the choices. And with two kids, you get a chance to see the best ones all over again. Keep up the good work. Lots of pay offs from this activity!!!!!

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