It’s a small world

A while back, BCLC therapist RB introduced us to the idea of making our kids’ worlds smaller. By this, she meant to make their worlds more manageable for them. So far, we’ve been pretty successful at this, and it’s seemed to make a difference for us. The kids appear to be more regulated – and so do I. Mostly, we’ve just become more like home bodies. BE only has one activity that she’s involved in and we really haven’t started BC in anything yet. We’ve reduced our restaurant visits and we eat at home a lot more. If we spend a couple of hours in extra activities on the weekends, that seems like enough for us at this point.

In an interview a while back, BCLC author Heather Forbes described the concept this way: “Parents need to have realistic expectations of the child and make their world very small, focusing first on physical safety, security and establishing trust.”

As the kids get older, I’m sure we’ll start to expand their worlds more, but for right now, our schedule seems to be working well.


One thought on “It’s a small world

  1. It makes perfect sense to me – I look at the insane schedules of some and it makes me very upset. We had two extracurricular activities besides church and that was enough as kids during the winter.

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