I’ve been tagged

Kate at Help4YourFamily tagged me in a post in which she’s asked 11 bloggers to respond to one or more questions in a list. Instead of tagging my own list of bloggers, I’ll just ask anyone who’s interested to respond to one or more questions in the comments section, or on their own blog. If you decide to respond on your blog, please link back here.

Here are the questions:

1. What advice would you give to new parents?
2. How is your life different than you imagined it would be 10 years ago?
3. Have you ever had a good lesson that came in strange wrapping paper?
4. What is something you said you would never do that you now do routinely?
5. What books are you reading and what do you think about them?
6. What path did you take to do the job you are doing now?
7. If you could change something about your life, what would it be?
8. What is the best thing that has happened to you in the past year?
9. What do you think will be different about your life in 10 years?
10. What is your favorite blog post ever, and why (you can include your own)?

Since I love reading, I’ll answer number 5. I’ve been working my way through a list of the “must read” classics, so I just finished “The Prince” by Niccolò Machiavelli. At only 75 pages, it was a quick read. The author gives advice on how to gain and keep power during the Renaissance. His advice, was at times cruel, but unfortunately, it was probably just simply practical.

I usually only read one book at a time, but I have several going right now. I still haven’t finished “The Man Who Laughs” by Victor Hugo. It’s very slow moving and almost nothing happens until about halfway through the book.

I’m a member of a book club and we’re currently ready “The Tiger’s Wife” by Tea Obreht. The story is set in an Eastern European country experiencing a civil war. So far, the plot revolves around a young women and her close relationship with her grandfather, who seems to have a mysterious story of his own that he’s been hiding.

Finally, I’m still trying to get through “Inside I’m Hurting” by Louise Bomber. I promised to review the book here when I’m done and I’m slowly making progress. It’s designed to be a resource for educators working with special needs kids.

Please share your responses in the comments section or on your blog!


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