An adoption conversation courtesy of Dinosaur Train

My kids are big PBS fans – I think they like every cartoon on PBS, including “Dinosaur Train.” I’ve never sat down and watched an episode with them, so I didn’t really know what it was about, other than dinosaurs riding on a train. One day, I overheard the theme song, and became interested. During the theme song, dinosaurs start hatching in a Pteranodon nest. Three Pteranodons hatch, then a T-Rex hatches and says, “what am I doing in a Pteranodon nest?” I started wondering if there were any adoption themes in the show.

As I paid more attention during the next few episodes, I confirmed that yes, the T-Rex is adopted by a Pteranodon family. The other day, the kids were watching it, and I overheard an interesting conversation among the characters. The father Pteranodon is telling the dinosaur children about his ancestors. The T-Rex asks if the Pteranodon’s ancestors are his ancestors too. The father answers, “Well, yes, my family is your family, too. But, you also have T-Rex ancestors.”

This episode made me smile, because the father’s response seemed right out of an adoption book. It was so classic, and mirrors so many of my family’s own conversations. If you haven’t seen the show, and you have young children, check it out.

Buddy, the T-Rex

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