Family in the city

For most of my life, I’ve lived in suburban Detroit, but J and I have always liked cities. For a number of reasons, we recently decided to a buy a place near downtown Detroit. Detroit certainly has a bad reputation, but many people from southeast Michigan know that young people are moving back to the city. Some of these people have families, but many don’t.

As always, I’ll continue to write about our adoption experience, but occasionally I’ll write about our experience as a family with young kids living in Detroit. Like many locals, I’d like to see the city come back, but that will only happen when people (both singles and families) decide to make Detroit their home. If you live in Detroit with your kids, or if you have questions about our (forthcoming) experience raising a family in the city, send me an e-mail at Of course, I welcome e-mails about adoption and foster care too!


4 thoughts on “Family in the city

  1. We have always wrestled with moving back into the city. I spent many of my years after I aged out of foster care in the Cass Corridor. I love the many things about living in the city. Ironically we moved to our current suburb “for the schools” and this year I am looking at homeschooling anyway…I guess we may as well be living in the city.

    I am working today off of Jefferson and Van Dyke today…we should get together and have lunch some time.

  2. We lived in Ann Arbor and then in the Detroit suburbia for several years, but we both worked downtown (he was near the Ren Cen and I was at the DIA). We still talk about how much we miss MI! These days we’re too far away for a get-together, but I am totally with you in spirit on this one! (And yes, we still totally wear Tigers ball caps 🙂

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