Co-op living is the life for us

I may only be 32, but thanks to Grandma G, I’ve seen many “classic” television shows, including “Green Acres.” I always liked Eva’s Gabor’s character because she seemed so glamorous. And, naturally I thought of her when we recently made our big move to Detroit. I’m certainly not comparing Detroit to New York, but in a way, I identify with her desire for city living.

Up until a few months ago, I had no idea what a co-op was. I’d heard them mentioned on tv shows that take place in New York, but that was about it. Now that we own co-op, people often ask us to explain it. I’ve been saying that they’re like condos, except that everyone owns a share in the building; no one owns their individual unit, but their ownership in the corporation gives them the right to occupy the unit assigned to them. I found this definition on Wikipedia, which may be a little more clear.

If you own a co-op, please share your experience. We’re new owners, so we’re still learning.


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