It gets better

It really does get better. If your family is struggling, and it feels like you may never be a “real family,” you probably don’t believe me. I don’t believe it much of the time myself, and it doesn’t help that I tend to be a little pessimistic. So, sometimes, I need an outside perspective to show me that we’re improving.

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend with my aunt and uncle who live several hours away. We had visited with them last summer, and they’ve only seen the kids a couple of times since, which gives them a kind of objectivity when it comes to the state of our family.

During our recent visit, my aunt told me that she can see a big difference, particularly in BE’s maturity, and in my confidence as a mother. It was great to get her perspective and it gave me hope for the future. If you’re despairing about your family’s future, consider asking an outsider for his or her perspective. You’ll probably be surprised (in a good way!). Thanks, aunt NK!


4 thoughts on “It gets better

  1. I am continually blessed when people who don’t live near us tell me/Andrew that they think we’re doing an amazing job with Nora. Sometimes you forget on a daily basis with all the hard work that goes into parenting to celebrate your own successes, so it feels CRAZY good when someone acknowledges that you’re doing a good job and your kid seems to be turning out right!

  2. I love this, Shannon, because it’s so true. So many of my problems ease up just by the passing of time.

    Good point to have someone reflect back to you the changes you may not be able to see.

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