A food oasis

When people learn that I now live in Detroit, they often ask, “so where do you grocery shop?” Detroit has a reputation for being a “food desert.” People often hear that there are no grocery stores in the city and are told that Detroiters shop at party stores where they buy prepackaged food. I have no doubt that there are some pockets of the city where fresh and healthy food is hard to find, but we happen to be fortunate enough to live just blocks from great grocery store. Plus, we’re less than a mile from Eastern Market. Here’s a sample of what I bought this week from the local store (and there are no Twinkies or soda bottles in sight!):

Do you grocery shop in the city? If so, what’s your experience been like?


2 thoughts on “A food oasis

  1. I came here from a link on FB and am so glad I found this blog! We live in one of the northernmost neighborhoods of the city and have cars, so we can access suburban stores easily, but for “oh crap I need X for this recipe” midweek runs we live near not one but TWO good grocery stores. And of course there’s Eastern Market, and my husband works at Wayne State and I go school there so there’s the Wednesday farmer’s market during the nicer weather. My daughter goes to a school five minutes from Honeybee Market so we can stop there too (I’ve acquired an unfortunate jones for their guacamole).

    Two questions for you: Did you perhaps adopt your children when they were older (like over three?) I am working on a story for Metro Parent about adopting older children and I would love to hear about your experience, if so. Also, I would love to hear about your daughter’s school–you know that whenever two or more Detroit parents are gathered that’s what we talk about! Mine are the same ages/sexes as yours, and while my daughter is happy where she is I’m not sure it’s going to serve our needs forever, and I have to decide this year if I want to get my son into one of the good charters or public schools or send him to my daughter’s school with their WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher. Please email/Facebook me if you’d be willing to chat about one or both topics!

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