Recycling in Detroit

In the suburbs, we had the luxury of having our recycling picked up every week with our garbage. Not so in the city. The alternative is to take your recycling to one of several drop off locations throughout the city courtesy of Recycle Here! The closest drop off location to us is near Eastern Market and is open the first Saturday of every month.

So, the first Saturday in October, BE and I loaded up the car with our recycling. With a month of recycling piling up in the basement, we had quite a load. Recycle Here! had a semi set up in a parking lot near Eastern Market, which was easy to spot thanks to their bee logo. The semi was filled with boxes, one for each type of recycled material. BE had a great time separating the items and going up and down the steps into the semi.

Even though it’s not as convenient as curbside pickup, it was still a good alternative.

One month of recycling

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