Detroit City PTA

Admittedly I was never a member of the PTA when BE attended suburban schools. Now, I’m a card-carrying PTA member! And somehow, I imagine that PTA meetings in Detroit are different from those in the suburbs. At a recent meeting, an official from the Michigan PTA spoke to us about legislation that could negatively impact the district. Many people may disagree with this, but some of this legislation (whether intentionally or not) could continue to put Detroit children at a disadvantage. The Michigan PTA representative encouraged us to write to our state senators and representatives about our concerns, especially since there is a perception that Detroit parents just don’t care. I’ve never written to an elected official before, but I’m going to make this my first time. To learn more about the legislation, visit these links.

SB 620
HB 6004
HB 5923

My very own PTA card

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