“That’s When I Knew I Was Adopted”

My fellow NPR fans know that the “Story Corps” program is a great way to hear intimate stories from ordinary people’s lives.  On my local NPR station, Story Corps airs on Friday mornings, and I recently heard an interesting story about adoption. On that episode, Diane Tells His Name was interviewed by her daughter. Diane shared how, at the age of 37, she discovered she was adopted. As a Native American, she felt that she never fit in with her white family, so she was relieved to discover the truth. Diane went on to discover her heritage and then to adopt a daughter from her own tribe. I thought Diane’s story was particularly moving given the media attention that has recently been given to the fostering and adoption of native children (see New York Times article). Please take a minute to listen to Diane’s story.

Diane Tells His Name, 61, grew up unaware of her Native American identity. When she discovered the truth in her late 30s, she adopted a child from her Lakota tribe, Bonnie Buchanan.
Diane and her daughter (by Story Corps)

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