An Afternoon at Belle Isle

Since we moved to Detroit, we’re fortunate to live just a few minutes from Belle Isle. With some money, the park could be really beautiful, but even with out it, Belle Isle is a great place to visit. On Sunday, we had 50 degree weather here in southeast Michigan, which is a real heat wave for us. We took the kids to Belle Isle for the afternoon, and lots of other families had the same idea.

We started out at “Kids Row,” a very large, relatively new play structure. The kids also rode their scooter and trike before we headed to the conservatory. The building itself it worth seeing, and we all enjoyed the collection of plants and flowers housed there. We still haven’t been to the newly opened aquarium, but I really want to make it there this year.

I can’t wait for more consistently warm weather, so we can spend more time at Belle Isle.

At the Belle Isle playground
At the Belle Isle playground
At the conservatory

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