Girls (on the Run) Just Wanna Have Fun

Meet the newest poster girl for Girls on the Run:

girls on the run
BE at her first day of Girls on the Run

What’s Girls on the Run, you ask? It’s a program for young girls focused on physical activity and character development.  Throughout the “season,” the girls train in teams for a 5K while completing self-esteem. building activities. I’ve been dying for BE to be old enough to participate for years, and finally this year, she could.

At first, she wasn’t excited about it, and agreed to join only when I bought her a running skirt (perfect for girly girls like her). Well, the season ends next weekend, and she ended up loving every minute of it. She says she wants to go to Girls on the Run every day (not just the two days per week that they meet) and she’s already asked to sign up for the fall. Her coach told me that they should make her the official poster girl because she’s so enthusiastic.

If you have a young daughter, please check it out, it’s a wonderful program. BE runs at the Boll Family YMCA in Downtown Detroit, which is a great facility and will be the subject of its own future post.


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