What’s Your Opinion on “Gotcha Day?”

My nearly-tween daughter, BE, has long since given up cartoons for Disney Channel shows and movies such as “Hannah Montana” and “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.” Her latest obsession is “Jessie,” which is about a nanny taking care of three adopted children in New York city.

This family is very rich, and in one episode, celebrates elaborate “Gotcha Days” for each child. BE has watched this episode several times, I think because she relates to the adoption themes. We celebrate Adoption Day, but BE has asked me several times why we can’t call it “Gotcha Day.” I explained that I don’t like the term because it implies that I took her and BC. However, she’s become very set on “Gotcha Day,” and I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the family on “Jessie” celebrates with gifts of live zebras, while we have to settle for cake.

I’m just as stubborn as BE, and I have no intention on switching to “Gotcha Day.” Do you use “Gotcha Day”? Why or why not?


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Opinion on “Gotcha Day?”

  1. nup, don’t do “gotcha day” for all the right reasons! here in Australia it is a term actively discouraged in the adoption community for extremely good reasons, and I am sure you know them all! this has served us well, our boy moves through this time really well, not least of all because we accept how hard it was for him on this day and don’t add to his burden of having pretend he was happy on this day.

  2. I never heard of gotcha days until I read it hear. Wouldn’t use it even if the kids wanted me too. Sometimes things have to be held in highest respect and I think this is one of those days. Nothing to be joking about as gotcha.

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