I am an adoptive parent living in Detroit with my family. I am the author of a speculative fiction novel, Antebellum Age, now available through Barnes & Noble. Antebellum AgeCategory: Speculative Fiction, Alternate History Nothing could suppress the utopian ambitions of Eliza and Thomas Young – nothing except for 150 years of authoritarian, racist rule.Continue reading

How to Braid Blond Hair

I wrote the following as a guest post for another blog several months ago. It was never published there, so I wanted to share it here instead. Before our kids came to live with us, they were raised by a wonderful foster family. At the time, my daughter had very long hair and her fosterContinue reading “How to Braid Blond Hair”

Why My Kids Go to a Primarily Black School

Originally posted on Ashleigh Carroll:
Most people know that our kids go to Downtown Elementary, which is a public school here in Memphis that happens to have mostly black students enrolled. This is not an accident. My journey started when John suggested we submit an application for Jac to go to Perea Preschool, which is…

The interview of a lifetime

Well, maybe this wasn’t really the interview of a lifetime, but I did get to interview someone┬áthat’s made a huge difference for my family: Heather Forbes. If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I am a big fan of Heather’s and her parenting model, Beyond, Consequences, Logic and Control (you can read moreContinue reading “The interview of a lifetime”

Homework Horror

BC is in kindergarten this year and the homework situation is awful. Every Monday he brings home a packet of work that is due on Friday. For him, the work is simple – one digit addition, writing punctuation, and short spelling words like “it” and “can.” I know he can do the work, yet heContinue reading “Homework Horror”