A little less talk and a lot more hugs

In a previous post, I reviewed “Beyond Logic, Consequences, and Control” by Heather Forbes and Bryan Post. The book had been recommended to us by a family therapist that we had seen last year. We decided to start seeing this therapist, RB, on a regular basis last month. Much of her approach is based onContinue reading “A little less talk and a lot more hugs”

In their parents’ image … or not

J and I teach Sunday school for first and second graders at our church. BE is in the kindergarten room, but they use the same lesson as our group. A few weeks ago, we were teaching the kids about people being made in the image of God. The lesson included this discussion question: Naturally, IContinue reading “In their parents’ image … or not”

Happy Father’s Day to J

This is J’s second Father’s Day and I’ve been thinking about how difficult it would be to do this without him. By “this,” I mean everything the adoption entails. I know that many single parents raise children and many adopt children. But, I’ve been blessed with J’s support, and it’s impossible for me to imagineContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day to J”