Speeding up the adoption process (slightly)

Anyone who’s been through an adoption, knows that the process is painfully slow. In Michigan, where we live, the superintendent of the Michigan Children’s Institute  is the only person authorized to approve adoptions for children in foster care. The state senate has introduced a bill that would allow the superintendent to authorize a designee toContinue reading “Speeding up the adoption process (slightly)”

Finding families for children

Book review: The Family of Adoption by Joyce Maguire Pavao I’ve read a lot of adoption books by now, and the first five chapters of  The Family of Adoption (there are only six) are pretty basic. The author is the founder of the Center for Family Connections – an adoption resource center. She spends most of theContinue reading “Finding families for children”

Writing reject #2: Modern Love

See writing reject #1 here. The New York Times has an essay section called “Modern Love” which features submissions from writers. I wrote the following submission a few months ago, and I just got word today that it was rejected. It’s a pretty concise history of our adoption, so I wanted to share it here. DecidingContinue reading “Writing reject #2: Modern Love”