My four favorite words

Actually, my four favorite words are not, “I love you, mom,” although that phrase would probably come in second. No, my four favorite words are, “I’m mad at you.” Maybe that sounds strange, but the way that BE has historically dealt with anger is by screaming, whining, and hitting. And, I can’t think of anythingContinue reading “My four favorite words”


Our parental status according to Turbo Tax

On June 25, 2010, J, BE, BC, and I celebrated adoption day. We went to court to finalize our adoption and make our family legal. We were given an order of adoption, and later we received our children’s birth certificates with their new last names. I thought this would cement out position as our children’sContinue reading “Our parental status according to Turbo Tax”

Guest Post: A Grandmother’s Adoption Perspective

I’m excited to share my first guest post! This is from my mother, “Grandma G”, and this is her adoption story. _____________________________________________________________________________ I wasn’t prepared for the news that my daughter shared with me one night as we sat in a restaurant with my younger daughter and my husband. I was told that she andContinue reading “Guest Post: A Grandmother’s Adoption Perspective”

Searching for a connection: candy and Hello Kitty

I’ve always been a little bit of a perfectionist. When I was not much older than BE, I remember deciding to do a homework assignment in block letters. It took a long time to write it this way, but I was stubborn – every letter had to be a block letter and I wasn’t satisfiedContinue reading “Searching for a connection: candy and Hello Kitty”