How to celebrate National Adoption Month

As I mentioned in my first post, November is National Adoption Month. And, there’s one simple thing you can do to help. Google your state + “adoption resource exchange.” Almost every state has one of these sites, which showcases local children who are available for adoption. (Here’s an example from Massachusetts J and I visited our state’sContinue reading “How to celebrate National Adoption Month”

Meanness, Manners, and Mohawks

This week, BE declared us “mean” parents. In fact, her words were “you’re so mean.” And why are we so mean? It’s all because of potato chips.  BE didn’t get as many potato chops as she would have liked during dinner on Wednesday. And, naturally, a lack of potato chips results in uncontrollable tantrums. WhenContinue reading “Meanness, Manners, and Mohawks”