Guest Post: A Grandmother’s Adoption Perspective

I’m excited to share my first guest post! This is from my mother, “Grandma G”, and this is her adoption story. _____________________________________________________________________________ I wasn’t prepared for the news that my daughter shared with me one night as we sat in a restaurant with my younger daughter and my husband. I was told that she andContinue reading “Guest Post: A Grandmother’s Adoption Perspective”

Searching for a connection: candy and Hello Kitty

I’ve always been a little bit of a perfectionist. When I was not much older than BE, I remember deciding to do a homework assignment in block letters. It took a long time to write it this way, but I was stubborn – every letter had to be a block letter and I wasn’t satisfiedContinue reading “Searching for a connection: candy and Hello Kitty”

My amygdala is calmer than your amygdala

Book Review: Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control by Heather Forbes and Bryan Post Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control is a manifesto against attachment parenting.  I’ve never done any of my own research on attachment parenting, but I do know that it is used by many adoptive parents to create attachment with their children – especiallyContinue reading “My amygdala is calmer than your amygdala”