Civil War

The Process of Black Colonization in the American Civil War
The Great Courses Daily – October 10, 2020

Why is America haunted by its past?
History Extra – June 18, 2020

The latest battle over the Confederate flag isn’t happening where you’d expect
Washington Post – March 6, 2020

Did Lincoln Really Matter?
New Yorker – February 10, 2020

The War of Races: How a hateful ideology echoes through American history
Washington Post – December 27, 2019

The Jim Crow film that just won’t die, “Song of the South”
Associated Press – December 21, 2019

Lost Cause Exhibit: Reframing History at the White House of the Confederacy
Virginia Public Radio – December 5, 2019

At the first national Thanksgiving, the Civil War raged
Washington Post – November 22, 2019

How The Fugitive Slave Act Paved The Way For The Civil War
NPR – November 8, 2019

After the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman Led a Brazen Civil War Raid
History Channel – November 1, 2019

New American Civil War Museum sheds light on untold stories
RVAHub – May 3, 2019

What Southern dynasties’ post-Civil War resurgence tell us about how wealth is really handed down
Washington Post – April 4, 2019

Descendants Tell Stories of Free People of Color
New York Times – March 12, 2019

Virginia Tech professor’s Civil War Photo Sleuth website uses crowdsourcing and facial recognition to ID soldiers
Richmond Times Dispatch – March 11, 2019

The Lessons We’re Still Learning from the Civil War
WDET – February 20, 2019
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