Foster Care and Broken Adoptions

I recently read this four-part series about broken adoptions in the U.S. foster care system. The article explains that in 1996, Congress passed the national Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA). The act was meant to address problems in the foster care system, including children who were moved from one foster home to another. However,Continue reading “Foster Care and Broken Adoptions”

BCLC: Rejecting Positive Messages

Heather Forbes recently sent out her latest e-mail newsletter, and as always, she answered a reader’s question. Here’s the question: “My son had a terrible early childhood history and constantly tells me he is a bad boy and that nobody loves him. Yet, no matter how much we tell him what a good boy heContinue reading “BCLC: Rejecting Positive Messages”

“That’s When I Knew I Was Adopted”

My fellow NPR fans know that the “Story Corps” program is a great way to hear intimate stories from ordinary people’s lives.  On my local NPR station, Story Corps airs on Friday mornings, and I recently heard an interesting story about adoption. On that episode, Diane Tells His Name was interviewed by her daughter. DianeContinue reading ““That’s When I Knew I Was Adopted””

Four Adoption Stories

When I was on LinkedIn a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this site called The Center for Digital Storytelling. The Center says its mission is to “surface authentic voices around the world through group process and participatory media creation. Our programs support people in sharing and bearing witness to stories that lead to learning,Continue reading “Four Adoption Stories”

Playing God

I’ve written before about this adoption issue in Spain. Apparently, from 1939 through the 1980s, at least 300,000 babies in Spain were stolen and placed for adoption. This issue came to light recently, and now families across Spain are searching for each other. NPR just reported about the status of these searches and interviewed someContinue reading “Playing God”

Promising Babies in Six to Nine Months

In a recent report, NPR explored how the Internet is changing adoption. The reporter interviewed a prospective adoptive couple, a traditional agency, and a non-profit to learn more about this trend. Apparently online agencies are often unlicensed and make improbable claims such as the one mentioned in the title of this post. The report clearly makes theContinue reading “Promising Babies in Six to Nine Months”

On-campus Resources for Foster Children

Michigan continues to make big improvements in the state’s foster care system, and the latest one involves college. Michigan Radio recently reported that The Michigan Department of Human Services has given out seven grants to local universities. The grants will be used to pay on-campus coaches who will work with students from the foster careContinue reading “On-campus Resources for Foster Children”

Happy Holidays

As an adult, I rarely get Christmas gifts anymore – it’s mostly about the kids now. But the last couple years, I’ve received two simple gifts that I’ll keep forever (which is saying a lot, because there are very few things that I keep at all). Aunt S usually gives us a card at ChristmasContinue reading “Happy Holidays”

The New Outcome

In Heather Forbes’ latest newsletter, she answers a reader’s question about the progress of his son under “Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control” (BCLC). Here’s his question: For the past six years, we have been implementing the Beyond Consequences parenting model with our son and have seen a massive amount of improvements. We have changed our lifestyle,Continue reading “The New Outcome”

They’re Adopted

Our kids were five and two when they were adopted, and it’s common knowledge that our family was formed by adoption. At a recent family gathering, I was eating dinner with an aunt, cousins, my kids, and a new acquaintance. I had just finished talking with this new acquaintance about the kids, their ages, andContinue reading “They’re Adopted”