Look alikes

Several times in the last week, I’ve been told that my daughter looks just like me, and that it’s clear I’m her mom. Naturally, I think my daughter is beautiful, so this is a big compliment. It also makes me happy to think that we might actually look alike, especially since we’re not biologically related.Continue reading “Look alikes”

Open Adoption Roundtable: a visit with my “rival”

As part of the Open Adoption Bloggers group, I’m responding to the latest prompt in which we’re supposed to write about how we feel after a “visit.” My kids were adopted through the foster care system, so we don’t have an open adoption in the traditional sense of the phrase. My children  have no contactContinue reading “Open Adoption Roundtable: a visit with my “rival””

Peace is a gift

So far this year, I’ve been exploring the idea of peace, simply because it’s something that I want for my life and my family. Clearly, peace is something that we should all strive for, but I think that in our striving, we often find it unexpectedly. No matter our religious persuasion, and no matter howContinue reading “Peace is a gift”

The adopted movie

BE is seven, but she’ll only watch animated movies. In her mind, live action movies (even those meant for kids) are actually for adults. Over the weekend, J rented “Where the Wild Things Are,” and BE lasted about 10 minutes, insisting that she only likes cartoons. However, there is one live action movie that she’sContinue reading “The adopted movie”

The primary emotions

According to Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control (BCLC) authors Heather Forbes and Bryan Post, there are only two primary emotions: love and fear. When I first read this, I didn’t believe it. What about anger, frustration, sadness, despondency, and so many others? Is fear really the root of all these other emotions? We’ve been tryingContinue reading “The primary emotions”

Good enough parenting

It’s clear that I’m not perfect and probably no one is more aware of this than me. Yes, it’s true, I tend to be very hard on myself. But, there’s good news for me and all the other imperfect parents out there. A while back, BCLC therapist RB recommended a book called “Inside I’m Hurting”Continue reading “Good enough parenting”