The prodigal child

I subscribe to Heather Forbes’ e-newsletter. Heather is the co-author of “Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Contol,” a parenting philosophy that J and I follow. Heather always has great tips in her newsletter, and the most recent one is no expection. In the latest edition, she responds to a question about how to handle a 15-year-oldContinue reading “The prodigal child”

The primary emotions

According to Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control (BCLC) authors Heather Forbes and Bryan Post, there are only two primary emotions: love and fear. When I first read this, I didn’t believe it. What about anger, frustration, sadness, despondency, and so many others? Is fear really the root of all these other emotions? We’ve been tryingContinue reading “The primary emotions”

Good enough parenting

It’s clear that I’m not perfect and probably no one is more aware of this than me. Yes, it’s true, I tend to be very hard on myself. But, there’s good news for me and all the other imperfect parents out there. A while back, BCLC therapist RB recommended a book called “Inside I’m Hurting”Continue reading “Good enough parenting”