It’s Fun to Stay at the Boll Family YMCA

The Boll Family YMCA in Downtown Detroit is beautiful. BE participates in Girls on the Run there and both kids attend the Y’s school break camps. BE was really nervous when I first signed her up for winter break camp. It took a while, but now she really loves going. BC enjoys it as well.Continue reading “It’s Fun to Stay at the Boll Family YMCA”

Girls (on the Run) Just Wanna Have Fun

Meet the newest poster girl for Girls on the Run: What’s Girls on the Run, you ask? It’s a program for young girls focused on physical activity and character development. ¬†Throughout the “season,” the girls train in teams for a 5K while completing self-esteem. building activities. I’ve been dying for BE to be old enoughContinue reading “Girls (on the Run) Just Wanna Have Fun”