How to Braid Blond Hair

I wrote the following as a guest post for another blog several months ago. It was never published there, so I wanted to share it here instead. Before our kids came to live with us, they were raised by a wonderful foster family. At the time, my daughter had very long hair and her fosterContinue reading “How to Braid Blond Hair”

Why My Kids Go to a Primarily Black School

Originally posted on Ashleigh Carroll:
Most people know that our kids go to Downtown Elementary, which is a public school here in Memphis that happens to have mostly black students enrolled. This is not an accident. My journey started when John suggested we submit an application for Jac to go to Perea Preschool, which is…

Why School Diversity is Important

As Detroit Public School (DPS) students, my kids are a racial minority. However, DPS does have more diversity than most people realize, making it about as racially diverse as the surrounding suburbs. However, my kids’ school (and I suspect other DPS schools as well) have an upper hand when it comes to socioeconomic diversity. InContinue reading “Why School Diversity is Important”

Diversity in Detroit

I won’t pretend that Detroit Public Schools (DPS) are diverse, although they’re just about as diverse as most of the suburban schools. It seems to me that there is a general, unspoken agreement about which of the two is better, but that’s a complicated topic for another post (if I’m ever brave enough to tackleContinue reading “Diversity in Detroit”

DPS: We’re In

Yes, it’s true, BE is now a Detroit Public Schools (DPS)┬ástudent. This past week, she started second grade at one of the city’s many application schools. Despite what many people hear, some of these application schools rival the suburban schools. BE had to apply and test to be admitted to her school – read moreContinue reading “DPS: We’re In”